Finvensys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

FINVENSYS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD, with it’s  strong domain knowledge,  strong technical background and unwavering commitment, has developed the following applications to make a social impact.

Is an open platform for students to apply for grants and scholarships. Trusts and Banks can see registered students and grant the amount.

Our Innovative Products are

ScholEase — ScholEase is a software platform to help you to manage your scholarship and student loan programs. It covers areas including designing scholarships, raising funds, managing donors communication, working with partners, taking applications, evaluating, granting funds and staying in touch until they become your patrons.

ProsperAid — Helps trusts and foundations to write proposals, work with the CSR wings of corporates, raise funds and manage execution. Closely integrated with ScholEase for organizations that also offer scholarships. Other part of ProsperAid helps companies manage their CSR projects.

PowerAlumni — A platform to manage your alumni network professionally and take up alumni sponsored projects. With implementation of PowerAlumni, you would be able to scale up your operations, save time and be more transparent.

SchoIM — A scholarship loan management platform for your organization, specifically built for banks and other organizations involved in giving loans to students. It covers areas of basic lending, scheduled lending, collecting lending, student performance monitoring and timely collection of repayments.