About us

Finvensys technologies private limited is Bengaluru based IT Company working on innovative products that are arrived to make significant social impact founded by team that worked at Apple,Infosys,Target,General Electric, IBM etc. Committed to making this platform among world’s best in class and most innovative,forward looking and highly impactful. Associated platforms

Founder Profile

Vasu M Deshpande (vasu@finvensys.com)

Gold Medalist for being Topper in Engineering, MBA from University of Massachusetts at USA, Certified Supply Chain Professional, PMI Certified Project Management Professional. Having over 25 Years’ Experience in – Information Technology (13 Years, worked on various IT Global Sourcing and Project Management Positions), Social Transformation (6 Years, managed building over 2,200 houses, 12,000 toilets and reached over 6,00,000 families in creating awareness on sanitation and health) and Entrepreneurship (6 Years, built an ERP Product which now runs at over 600 client’s place).

Pavan M K (pavan@finvensys.com)

Holds Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Has 15 years of IT experience (with various companies in India and overseas). Have 9 years of Retail domain expertise. Have undergone extensive six sigma training and is yellow belt certified. Keeps interests in Indian Philosophy and an avid Meditator.

Venkatesh Deshak (venkatesh@finvensys.com)

Holds Master’s degree in Engineering. Has 4 years of IT experience. Has extensively worked on CRM products. Holds a solid domain expertise on social transformation initiatives. Have played a key role in administration, logistics and support during Parishudh (building 12,000 toilets) Initiative in North Karnataka region.